The Girl Who Spoke Cat


An unhappy girl is living in a rigid black and white paper world, where people always follow the rules and feel proud of themselves for what they do. The girl tries to break the rules with her creative dancing moves, which has been forbidden by her mother who is afraid of other people’s perspectives. However, one day the girl meets the cats. She goes into an amazing colourful world without rules, and she has never been so happy. With her wild dance she wants to show everyone what she can do, but is banned by her mother again. The miracle happenes, the tears from the girl infect her mother’s hand so that it turns colourful, and finally the mother accepts the change. 


This is the trailer for 'The girl who spoke Cat'. Enjoy!

Written, produced and directed by: Dotty Kultys

Black & white background and character design: Szu Yu Chen

Colour background and character design: Justine Saint-Lo

Animation and compositing: Dotty KultysSzu Yu Chen, Nicola Dunlop, Hoda Touny

Sound and music design: Dave Yapp

Dubbing mix: Brian Moseley

Voices: Dotty KultysJustine Saint-Lo, Dave Yapp, Szu Yu Chen, Nicola Dunlop, Marek Nekola


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