Hello all


My name is Nicola, and this site is a base for all the work I've been doing over the years.


I often find myself being pulled in lots of different directions and towards many types of media. I love Art in in all its forms. Whether its a sketch, painting, photo, music, or Animation, I love to get my hands dirty any chance I can get!! 

My main background is in Animation and I really enjoy working with mixed media creating pieces that have both texture and movement. I want my work top have a sensory aspect that makes people want to feel the art, look deeper into what is there. 


I wanted to see the possibilities of Animation as a form of therapy, hoping to discover what the possibilities here are in animation techniques. The combination of art and therapy is one that has always interested me; I find it natural that art, being a form of expression and release, can be a means to relaxation and reform too.


From a young age I was drawn towards the arts, be it painting, sketching, music, or even a beautiful view. I decided to do animation as a degree as it allows for unlimited possibilities. It is art in movement and opens the doors from our mind; allowing our imagination to be set free into the tangible world. The power of the imagination is a wondrous thing. The way the mind/ psyche works then became a fascination of mine and as I worked through my BA the interest grew. 


In the last year Ive started using Art Resin to create unique pieces of art. I take these pieces and turn them into a variety of things; such as Wall hangings, Decor pieces, Jewellery, and charms. 


Feel free to have a look around to see what ive been up to! 

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