The story is about a young man who cannot let go of the past. He builds a cave from boxes of problem. As the boxes grow, he finds himself in darkness. In a moment of desperation, he decides to put an end to all of that. He almost kill himself in the process but that make him reborn. He gets out of the dark and for the first time, he realises how beautiful the light is, he's surrounded by the light of hope. The film has a dark and cold atmospheric tone throughout but there's always a small light shines in each shot before the scene is completely blocked out by warm, bright colours to signal the end.


This is the Latest Animatic for 'Boxes'. 

Director | Art Director
Tung Pham


Producer | Assistant Director
Nicola Dunlop


Script Writer
Leighton SeerDotty Kultys


Suyu Chen


Special Thanks
Rob Northcott (Music)

Spiros Dielas (Music)

Stathis Kampylis (Music)

Bach Pham (Additional LAVs)