Animation Therapy

During my 3rd year of my Degree my interest of how Animation could be used as a form of therapy became a solid goal to discover. I have started an Animation Ma Course at The University of West England in hopes to widen my knowledge of Animation as a whole and also to start research delving into animation and its uses within therapy.

I am starting this web page to show my results and the journey I take investigating this Fascinating subject and all it can do/achieve. 


Here are some of the tests I plan on doing to explore Animation as Therapy. . . .


Case Study’s. . . .


  • Nursery’s

  • Friends

  • Family

  • Institutions

  • Hospitals

  • Children’s ward

  • Schools


Self study's - reflexology


  • Ideas to test

    • Lights movement (look into current art films)

    • Everyday draw image – put them together

    • Music and animation

    • Performance art connections

    • Emotions – art – animation                                                                          – how different things make us feel differently? Images/music/films ect – maybe make different emotion films then get people to look at them?

    • Dance connections

    • Different materials – sand, paint, charcoal, 3D, 2D, Stop mo, Characters in different environment, Finger art.

    • Draw inside body – show how feel inside body.

    • Dream journal

    • Life journal

    • Art therapy